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NH Bloom hotel Brussels • Dawn session

RPA and the path to Intelligent Automation – part 1

Jumpstart your automation journey with Robotic Process Automation

Workforce automation will be one of the biggest technology disruptors over the next decade. Using the right technology, you could automate more than half of your processes — giving you a competitive advantage by allowing your employees to work more productively on tasks which benefit from their intervention.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to optimise  your digital employee experience. It reduces costs, improves accuracy, maintains compliance, increases cyber security, and boosts employee and customer satisfaction — all while giving you access to a round-the-clock, instantly scalable, virtual workforce which you can utilise across peak and off peak periods. Continuity is also greatly improved as a result of knowledge retention.

CGI helps clients use the full spectrum of automation – from RPA focused on task automation to algorithmic automation focused on decision automation, to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that ultimately will emulate full human cognition and empathy – no matter where organizations are on their automation journey.

  • 7h30

    Arrival and power breakfast

  • 8h15

    Demystifying RPA

  • 8h30

    How to adopt a robot in the team

  • 8h45

    Partena : Launching virtual worker into the cloud

  • 9h00

    Real-time demo

  • 09h15

    Closing of the session

  • 9h25

    Kick start your working day

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The speakers

  • Usman Azim

    Emerging Technology Practice Lead, Intelligent Automation


  • Thomas Lehmann

    Business coordinator RPA

    Partena Professional

  • Rutger Van Wesel

    Director Consulting Services