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March 2019 • Diegem • Dawn session

Brexit : status today and how it will change your areas of work

In a recent survey in the Netherlands – one of the largest trading partners and a key transit point for EU-UK trade – more than 8 out of 10 businesses said that they expect Brexit to have a strong negative impact on their operations however less than 2 out of 10 have taken serious preparations for Brexit.

Strong uptick in hiring of dedicated, in-house Brexit coordination and management staff as companies take the need to make structural adaptions to no deal seriously. Google searches on No Deal Brexit peaked more than 100% in January 2019.

Some manufacturers with operations in the UK have announced they will shut down (e.g. Honda) – even for months – in the event of no deal or an insufficient deal to assess and adapt their supply chains. Others are suggesting they will leave the UK altogether (e.g. Airbus). Many of these companies are operating on planning where, after a “point-of-no-return” date is passed they will leave the UK whether a deal is reached or not, because the uncertainty and risk of inaction if no deal is reached is simply too costly.

Businesses need to take the lead and own initiative on ensuring Brexit resilience. Even a Brexit no deal outcome can be managed but it requires planning as early as possible to be able to draw on the widest possible range of options.

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