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NH Bloom hotel Brussels • Dawn session


The Blockchain Hype is over, and that’s a good thing.

Over the last few years, everyone has been bombarded with Blockchain use cases, going from a track & trace solution for sustainable tuna fishing to a global solution against poverty.

CGI has always been a Blockchain Believer, but we would like to talk about the actual opportunities at hand and leave the hype in 2017. In our Bright Ideas session, we would like to show you how to start building on your own.

Over the last 4 years, CGI has built up extensive experience in Blockchain solutions, all over the globe.

We delivered a strategic study on distributed ledger technologies for one of the biggest energy companies in the world, we set up the first Trade Finance Blockchain transaction back in 2015 and we’re currently working on over 10 Blockchain applications in the Netherlands and Belgium alone.

Join us on June 21st, and we’ll take you from what the technology is, through an actual Blockchain assessment, and towards the first steps of your own Blockchain project.

What we do

We help clients unlock the value of Blockchain-enabled business networks and create new business models.

By creating next generation secure, trusted, efficient business networks and value chains using Blockchain, clients can become future-proof and gain the trust of their customers and citizens.

We also enable close cooperation and enhanced trust across extended ecosystems and increase the velocity of technology implementation and business change.

  • 7h30

    Time to arrive and enjoy a power breakfast

  • 8h15

    Blockchain : what is it? Assessment and use cases.

  • 8h30

    Validata - Blockchain at the Flemish Government

  • 8h45

    Blockchain is all about collaboration

  • 09h00

    How you can start with Blockchain

  • 09h15

    Q&A before the kick start of your working day

CGI value propositions :

Helping clients build Blockchain use cases.

Building Blockchain solutions.

Managing the ecosystem and its integration.

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The speakers

  • Daniël Du Seuil

    Program manager and Blockchain architect

    Informatie Vlaanderen

  • Koen Vingerhoets

    Project Coördinator Blockchain & Digital Transformation


  • Raf Ganseman

    Expert Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Public Speaker

    CGI Belgium

  • Frederik Vanmolkot

    Director Consulting Services, Architect

    CGI Belgium