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The Fourth Congres Hotel Leuven

From research to real-life initiatives: what to look out for if you start adopting AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been explored for many years, and is still one of the most anticipated concepts of 2019. However, organizations are still struggling to make optimal use of its full potential while early implementers are positioning themselves to reap the benefits of AI at scale. What are some of the ways in which you can already start exploring the potential of AI, beyond simple chatbots? What to look out for if you start adopting AI?

About this session

Four experts will provide different insights on AI and share how other companies have been exploring AI to solve their challenges. You will be guided through history and AI research to real AI initiatives in different industries or application areas. We will take a look at the conversational aspects of AI including demo’s and a look at Engie’s Virtual Energy Assistant : a conversational approach to Engie’s voicebot.

  • 17h15

    Arrival and finger food

  • 18h00

    State of the market: from intelligent automation, conversational AI, machine learning, to cognitive technology

  • 18h15

    Research domain of AI

  • 18h45

    Real case : conversational approach to Engie's voicebot - "After thinking outside of the box, you can now talk to the box."

  • 19h00

    Live demo: Sofia – Virtual Service Agent integrated to ServiceNow (ITSM tool) – how this self-building bot takes the heat off human agents at the front-line of service-based industries.

  • 19h15

    If your personal agenda permits : networking, drinks, finger food

The Fourth Congres Hotel is a historic building in the heart of Leuven and begins its fourth life fusing high-tech technology with poetry.
Ideal setting in a creative environment to boost our Bright Ideas session!

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The speakers

  • Prof. Daniel De Schreye



  • Lana Khoury

    VP Consulting Expert, Digital Transformation. Consultant and Augmented Intelligence SME guiding companies on how to practically apply and make the best of innovative technologies.


  • Sandrine d’Oreye

    Digital and Business Consultant, Digital creator & innovator, creating and helping organizations with chatbot projects


  • Leonie Vanstappen

    Data Scientist with a focus on Natural Language Processing and its applications in emerging technologies.